Prepare your local database

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Prepare your local database

Here’s a little shell script I’m using to prepare my local database after it has been synchronize with our live data.This script does depend on Drush being installed.


# Check drupal status
drush status

# Enable dev modules.
drush en dblog -y
drush en devel -y
drush en stage_file_proxy -y
drush en module_filter -y

# Enable UI.
drush en field_ui -y
drush en migrate_ui -y
drush en rules_admin -y
drush en views_ui -y

# Disable CDN.
drush dis cdn -y

# Disable caching and aggregation
drush vset preprocess_css 0 -y
drush vset preprocess_js 0 -y
drush vset cache 0 -y
drush vset cache_lifetime 0 -y
drush vset page_cache_maximum_age 0 -y

# Clear all caches.
drush cc all

# Display list of features to check status manually.
drush features