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Drupal 8 in action

31/08/2014 targoo
Drupal 8, Plugins, Guzzle, CMI, Caching... If those buzzwords trigger your interest you should read this article. We will cover those topics as we are building one of our first Drupal 8 modules.

Our first Drupal 8 theme get updated

12/08/2014 targoo
Today we are excited to announce the latest release of our Drupal 8 theme Prius. The last build support the freshly baked Drupal 8 Alpha 14. The migration from alpha13 to alpha14 was pretty smooth even though we run into some weird issues.

Optimize before you go live (Part 2).

19/07/2014 targoo
Drupal is a powerful content management framework. It's even better when you take into account the 20000+ contributed modules and themes provided by the community. But use them with cautious if you don't want to slow down your website.

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